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Louisville’s Vascular Team

Practicing together as a highly coordinated team, the vascular specialists at Surgical Care Associates are dedicated to delivering the most comprehensive vascular care available.

Our nurses and support professionals are in integral part of our patient care team, all working together with the surgeons to achieve a single purpose: providing you with better vascular health.

Meet the Vascular Specialists of SCA

Matthew T. Jung, MD

Salem M. George, Jr., MD , FACS

Bradley G. Thomas, MD , FACS, RPVI

Noah Scherrer, MD, RPVI

David A. Lipski, MD, RPVI

Ashlee Vinyard, MD, RPVI

Charles Bush, MD, RPVI

Elizabeth S. Rachel, MD

Thomas Bergamini, MD , FACS, RPVI

Richard A. Mitchell, MD , FACS, RVT (retired)

Hermann W. Kaebnick, MD , FACS, RVT (retired)

Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants

Emily Hickerson, APRN

Katherine Himmelman, APRN

Allison Eberle, ARPN