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Wound Care Center

Wound Care in Louisville, KY

The Wound Care Center at Surgical Care Associates… was honored in 2011 with Diversified Clinical Services’ Center of Distinction Award. Criteria for the award include meeting or exceeding quality standards for patient healing plus patient satisfaction at 92 percent or above.

The Baptist Health Louisville Center achieved a 97 percent healing rate, which bests national benchmarks. Center patients heal typically heal in 24 days (that’s the median).

The center, located on the first floor of the Baptist Health Medical Pavilion (3900 Kresge Way) features hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) which can be used to treat wounds that have shown no improvement in four weeks of conventional treatment in addition to certain infections of the bone and skin, damaged tissue from radiation therapy, skin grafts that aren’t taking well and brown recluse spider bites.

With HBOT, the patient breathes 100 percent oxygen within a pressurized chamber, enabling the body’s natural wound-healing mechanisms, which are oxygen dependent, to function more efficiently. Treatments take about two hours.

Pressure ulcers, traumatic wounds, problem surgical wounds and other types of complex soft-tissue injuries may also be treated at the center. For more information, call the Wound Care Center at (502) 259-4470.

Patients may refer themselves for treatment, or obtain a physician referral.